What do Medicare Advantage Plans cover?

Also known as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans comprise every benefit that patients get from Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B that cover both medical and hospital costs. The majority of the Medicare Advantage plans comprise Medicare Part D, too. These plans integrate prescription drug coverage and health insurance in one flexible and moderately-priced plan.

Besides covering all services of Medicare Part A and B, MA plans cover some optional coverage that cater to people’s healthcare requirements:

  • Medicare Insurance – If you need medical insurance, you should rely on Medicare Part B. Every MA plan covers the services that Medicare Part B has, such as treatment-connected equipment and services, preventive services, outpatient and inpatient mental healthcare, durable medical equipment, and diagnostic testing and services.
  • Hospital Insurance – If you are enrolled under Medicare Part A, it suggests you have hospital insurance. All MA plans cover the services that Medicare Part A covers, like hospice care, confined home healthcare services, short-term inpatient hospital care, and short-term competent facility care.
  • Prescription drugs – When you mean prescription drug coverage, it means you have Medicare Part D. The majority of MA plans comprise this coverage, and with its help, people pay the cost of their medications. Medicare Part D covers only some kinds of prescription drugs, but people should make sure to check for their coverage before they get enrolled in an MA plan.

The probable questions you need to ask to compare MA plans

If you want to discover the best Medicare Advantage Plans 2025, you should be aware of the ideal questions that you should ask:

  • You should check whether your chosen MA plan covers your preferred doctors or hospitals. Hospitals and doctors present in the network of a plan change every year. Hence, you need to see whether your family doctor is present in your chosen MA plan after you enroll in it. 
  • You should be aware of the optimal out-of-pocket amount. The MA plans confine the amount a member pays out-of-pocket for his covered expenses in Medicare. This amount continues to vary based on a Medicare Advantage plan a person chooses. After a person reaches his optimal out-of-pocket amount, MA plans pay 100 percent of the eligible expenses. Always look for an MA plan that has a moderate out-of-pocket maximum. This way, you will know whether you have coverage for your unexpected illnesses or injuries.
  • You should be aware of the prescription drugs that your selected MA plan covers. Additionally, you need to see whether these drugs are obtainable as well as affordable.


If you observe the Medicare Advantage plans of 2025, you will find enhancements in some areas like mental health coverage, digital health education, support for language and cultural diversity, and lessened postponements in care. However, MA plans will give coverage for the treatment of chronic pain. MA plans offer some additional coverage that goes beyond original Medicare, including hearing services, vision services, prescription drug coverage, and dental services. 


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