The Ultimate Guide to the UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship

Per the information available on the official website of UCLA Graduate Education, there are a total of 625 different fellowships, grants, post-doctoral awards and scholarships that applicants can get. All these scholarships, particularly the UCLA dissertation year fellowship, aid students in finishing their academic journeys with less tension and more focus on their academic responsibilities. 

The closing date of most of these fellowship programs is ending in this month (February 2024). Hence, you should be quick enough to submit your curriculum vitae and application form for a dissertation year fellowship at UCLA. You should be able to meet the eligibility requirements and craft a stellar online application for the program you want to avail of. 

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Before moving to the details.let us analyse what is actually meant by the UCLA financial aid programs for the facilitation of dissertation research for graduate students around the globe. 

What Is a UCLA Fellowship?

If you are unaware of the meaning of fellowship in a university, then know that it means the provision of financial aid to graduate students for the persuasion of their graduate studies. Similarly, as the UCLA Graduate Program specifies, the UCLA fellowship provides full tuition fees for the students and provides them with an annual stipend as well. 

The Guide About UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowships

The UCLA graduate students funding programs contain funds for approximately 150 graduate and post-doc students. The students can be from UCLA and can also be non-UCLA students – there is no distinction. The range of the amounts lies between less than $1,000 to more than $100,000. 

This guide provides you with an answer to your burning queries about the UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship. We shall cover the important aspects step-by-step:

UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship Requirements

The program is intended for UCLA doctoral students in all disciplines of study who meet the following eligibility requirements:

(Source for verification: UCLA Graduate Education) 

  • They should have advanced doctoral candidacy when they have been nominated for their respective departments. 
  • The Division of Graduate Education’s Academic Services files the dissertations of students within 12 months of the start of their scholarship programs. The students should work towards their academic documents. 
  • To win a UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship, students should be either permanent residents or US citizens. They can also be registered as California AB540 or international students. 
  • The students should not be receiving any dissertation funding from the funding programs of the previous academic year.

Strategies to Prepare an Impressive Online Application

You should write your proposal in a way which makes your work understandable for the readers, and the faculty gets to know about the significance of your research work. The proposal that you submit from your UCLA undergraduate student account shall have the following properties:

  • Per the discipline you choose, the proposal of your work shall outline the hypothesis or thesis of your work. 
  • Ensure that you add the scope of your research in the proposal of your work, and you also discuss the methodology, research approach, or plan. 
  • You shall also highlight the originality, significance, and effect of your research work on the community around you. 
  • Your application shall also be accompanied by a verified letter of recommendation, which endorses the merits of your research work and your qualities as a dedicated researcher. 

Do PhD Students Get Paid at UCLA?

Yes, the PhD students get paid at UCLA. Per the statistics mentioned by Glassdoor, the estimated pay range for a PhD student at UCLA stays between £15K–£100K each year. It consists of both the base pay rate and the additional pay. The average pay rate for PhD students at this university is £34K annually. 

UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship Application Format

Please note that students who are enrolled in any kind of self-supporting programs (such as chemistry biochemistry graduate students) are not eligible to apply for any financial awards. The fellowship application is available on UCLA’s official website. 

The format you should follow when writing your UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship is the following: 

  • 1 page for fellowship (maximum), 1” margins, font 11 pt and double-spaced
  • Personal statement of your goals and research activities with the same format, but you can write maximum 2 pages

Before you start crafting the application, ensure that you have reviewed the eligibility criteria and have completed the items of the application pertinent to the awards you are applying to. 

What Is the Meaning of Fellowship in University?

Per the definition of Florida International University, fellowships can be defined as merit-based financial awards that are provided to qualified graduate students for the purpose of completing their graduate research and training at the institute where they are enrolled. Fellowships offered by universities are to support doctoral students with their tuition fees. 

What Is the Difference Between PhD and Fellowship Program?

A PhD program is one where you enrol in an academic institute to get your PhD degree. A fellowship can be considered a research grant when you pursue a Master’s or PhD program. Fellowship is normally considered a post-doctoral degree, while a PhD degree is a doctoral degree itself. 

UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship Examples

Some examples of the fellowship programs that you can apply to before the deadline passes are listed below. These programs can make the journey of your graduate education much easier than before:

  • Kasper And Siroon Hovannisian Fellowship
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (TITLE VI)
  • Dr. Ursula Mandel Scholarship
  • Gordon Hein Memorial Scholarship
  • Rose And Sam Gilbert Fellowship


We have covered all the important things about the UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship program.which you can avail of in the current academic year.You can contact the university departments in case you need further clarification about the topic.Make sure that your letters of recommendation are attached to your papers and that your online application is on point. 

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