How to Level Up Fast in Hay Day

Attention farmers! You might be wondering why you are taking so long to level up. While you are caught up in this situation, you are most probably having a hard time reaching the required gold to expand your farm, and still have a lot of buildings and map areas that are yet to be unlocked. 

Stop worrying now because we got you covered. Leveling up your account only requires experience points most commonly known as XP. Now, we are here to share some tips and tricks on how you can quickly collect enough XP from all the tasks that you do. In the end, you might realize that you are doing the right tasks incorrectly.

Do not have enough time to start over? Check out these Hay Day accounts for sale to get an account boost to your desired account level. However, if the whole process is what’s important for you, read until the end of this guide to learn the ways to gain XP to level up easily.

Plant and Harvest Appropriate Crops in a Hay Day

While you are leveling up, one of the first things that you most probably want to increase in number is the plot. This is where you can plant various crops that you can sell afterward. However, not all crops are great when it comes to grinding your XP.

To achieve this objective, the most preferred crops are the ones that grow quickly such as carrots and wheat. These two can fully grow after a few minutes. Using other crops besides carrots and wheat is fine, but you have to make sure that they give you large XP in return.

Once you have already harvested them, make sure to plant another batch so you can sell them right after. The only thing about this is that you have to be always on your farm to monitor the growth for you to maximize the time.

Completing Orders

Another perfect way to increase your XP is by completing truck orders. 

In the order board, you can see nine requests that you can choose from. Completing one will give you a specific amount of gold and XP. If you have enough time, it is best to complete all these while you are waiting for your crops to fully grow instead of just sitting and staring at the timer to finish.

Completing Achievements

Every work and task you do on your farm will have something to give you in exchange for your hard work. In your house, you can check all your achievements. Being able to perform any of these will grant you a reward with a reasonable value. Although there are no deadlines on when you should complete these tasks, it is still better if you complete them for the sake of the rewards and additional XP.

Aside from all these, leveling up also sometimes requires the players to spend a dime. That being said, diamonds which are the premium currency in the game are also crucial. Running out of diamonds also sometimes stalls your level. Here, you can top up Hay Day accounts to aid with your XP grind.

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