Are You Unhappy at Your Workplace? Mental Well-Being, and Using Instagram and Hackathons to Improve Your Employment Situation

Happiness is a key part of job satisfaction. An employee’s happiness and satisfaction lead to greater efficiency while working. An unhappy worker becomes disengaged and struggles to provide good results. A job should allow us to earn a living while enjoying our work, however, this is not as common as it seems.

Unhappiness in the workplace is one of the main reasons for resignation. However, this cannot be the go-to option because the labor market is complex. An unhappy employee will consider it preferable to keep working in an unsuitable environment to sustain their lifestyle. This leads to stress and work-related mental strain.

However, a lack of happiness in the workplace is not permanent. Once the cause of the unhappiness is pinpointed, it can be solved. Keep reading to find out more about reasons why employees could be unhappy with their jobs.

Causes of Unhappiness in the Workplace

Here are some reasons that might make you an unhappy employee:

  • Poor Compensation: The root cause of job dissatisfaction is usually a low salary. Employees tend to resent their jobs if they feel underpaid and are not able to keep up with their bills.
  • Poor work environment: Sometimes work environments in certain companies are imbued with excessive pressure and competitiveness making employees feel burned out, which leads to stress and inefficiency.
  • Uncordial relationship with boss: Every employee wishes for a boss or a manager that does not micromanage their work and maintains transparency. When employees and their bosses do not get along or their managers are mentally abusive, employees feel unhappy and miserable and find it difficult to be satisfied with their job.
  • Toxic colleagues: Having toxic colleagues is extremely demoralizing. It ruins the atmosphere in an office environment. An employee’s happiness is dependent on their relationships with their colleagues in the office and toxicity in any form ruins both the relationship and the environment that employees work in.
  • Stagnant growth: Growth is a factor that all employees crave and a stagnant job that doesn’t help you fulfill benchmarks makes employees feel like they are wasting time and are utterly unfulfilled. Progress is crucial and lack of progress leads to discontentment.
  • Lack of recognition: Lack of acknowledgment and appreciation can be frustrating, validation in the form of praises motivates employees and boosts morale and the absence of the same thing makes employees feel undermined and undervalued.

If you are facing any of these issues, it’s likely that you will be dissatisfied with the current stage in your career.

Using Instagram to Improve Your Situation

Here’s how an Instagram likes subscription can improve your situation. You can build your image as a skilled employee on Instagram, and market your skills. This makes it easier for employees to find jobs through Instagram.

How Mental Health Affects Employee Productivity

Talking about mental health has been taboo for far too long. Disorders such as depression or anxiety were used to question a person’s sanity. Times are changing now and the conversations surrounding mental health are here to stay!

Mental health as a topic is becoming a frontrunner in the corporate world. Mental well-being is a crucial part of job satisfaction and has a direct impact on an employee’s productivity. A less-stressed, happy employee is more productive than an unmotivated, anxious one. Taking care of an employee’s mental health and spreading awareness to stop the spread of mental strain, is the responsibility of a firm. Mental health awareness in the workplace brings an organizational culture that attracts many people globally.

A report by Mental Health Foundation shows us strong evidence that workplaces that promote, support, and encourage mental well-being are more productive, and addressing mental health concerns at workplaces ensures an increase in productivity by as much as 12%. The culture and environment of a workplace impact employee well-being the most, therefore, acknowledging, addressing, and raising awareness in the firm concerning mental health helps pave the way to better employee well-being and productivity.

Fostering a culture of empathy and kindness in the workplace is extremely important. Creating a flexible work environment helps businesses build a more positive work environment that helps maintain employee productivity, and morale and battle stress. Firms need to have an understanding of mental health and fulfill the needs of their employees.  Work-life balance is essential for both employees as well as employers.

Hiring Through Hackathons

A hackathon is a one- or two-day competitive event in which teams of designers, developers, and subject matter experts create solutions for a specific issue or problem within a specific time frame. Hackathons prove to be great forums where candidates can showcase their skills. It is also utilized as a mode of recruitment that is unconventional in nature and brings rare talent forward. This form of recruitment usually happens in the tech or banking industries.

Keep reading to learn more about hackathons and their types.

External hackathons

In the external hackathon recruitment process, participants create their own projects. Applicants participating work on websites, or mobile and apps coding tools. These applications can be used by other people in the tech world. Employers sponsor these events to find candidates with a potential and rare talent that can be hired. They also offer a holistic learning experience for attendees or students that wish to pursue a career in technology.

Internal hackathons

Internal hackathons are firm-sponsored events that only existing employees have access to. They allow employees to get indulged in innovating and creating something new. These hackathons are generally used by companies to find budding talent, and foster and improve teamwork among employees. They also help narrow down employees for promotions or take up more responsibilities on a different level.

Hackathons are an effective tool for hiring or the recruitment process, especially when attracting niche and unique talent. They the time consumed during the recruitment process, cut down the cost involved in hiring, and also ensure an unprejudiced assessment.


Making sure that you and your fellow employees are not prioritizing your office life over your work life is the key to mental well-being.  Firms must understand, support, and provide space to their employees to promote both well-being and productivity.

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